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20 May 2008 @ 09:56 am
Recently, I was gifted with a magical box from timbean, and among the treasures was a bunch of notecards titled "10 Aidan Facts! (For a May Pirate by a Tim Bean)." These are things I previously didn't know about Aidan and they are awesome and thrilling and amazing and creative just like his Timmother.

And now I will share them with you, because they are for sharing and awesomeness.

10 Aidan Facts! All emphasis included in original text.Collapse )
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Dear friends and lovers of Aidan.


Finding myself crushed under a giant cube of writing blockery, I wanted to sort of pose a question/request.

There's a lot that I know about Aidan et al, partially from talking to people and partially from having too much free time. So I have ideas, but in a way I already know the answers to the questions I'd be asking.

So I ask you this:

-What are some things/events/people/places in Aidan's life that you'd like to know about?

I guess it's sort of an "offer up a prompt" thing. I can't make any promises, but it would really help me a lot if there's anything that you think is interesting that you'd wanna know about.

Anyone else is welcome too! There's always more room for Aidanverse lovings of all kinds. :)
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28 January 2008 @ 01:27 pm
One year ago today, timbean and I found a thing. Well, I found it, and I flipped, and I showed it to her, and she flipped. It was this picture:

MY GOD, thought we, then embroiled in the madness of Boondook Saints and Supernatural. He looks like a missing Saint!

And so we found Aidan MacManus, or perhaps he found us.

Yes I know that's a picture of Christian Bale (at the time, however, I didn't know it was from Batman Begins because I hadn't seen it so..whatever). Aidan is Christian Bale, or at least he's an original that looks like him. He's pretty like that. He is also awesome.

Aidan was originally a character crossing two fandoms, but over the past year he's come into his own - Aidan no longer inhabits a world solely defined by the Saints or the Winchesters, but by his life and experiences (and you are welcome to play in his world over at aidanverse). He is extraordinarily special and wonderful, and he's been difficult at times, but I'm so grateful to know him and to the wonderful Tim for making him real, to jou for helping expand his life and finding the man Aidan loves, and herongale, cryogenia, and soda_and_capes for being extraordinary people who let me talk about him and visit him and who are special and neat anyway.

So today is Aidan's birthday, and he is 27 years old (shhh, he was born in 1981, what you say). Happy birthday Aidan! You really are one in a million. ♥

(x-posted from my LJ, sorry if you get it twice!)
31 December 2007 @ 06:42 pm
Happy New Year from Tom and Aidan.

Thanks for taking and interest in this little accidental world. ♥
18 October 2007 @ 04:37 am
Title: Strong As Death, Sweet As Love
Author: maypirate
Character/Pairing: Tom Stroud/Therese Stroud, Aidan MacManus/Tom Stroud
Rating: R (strongish)
Summary: Living is a day worth dying for.
Notes: Although it is for her, a huge part of this story belongs to jou, because she was the one who supplied Tom's bar dialogue a long time ago, and I'm very grateful to have had it. Tom belongs to her. I actually started writing this back in June, hated it, and put it away, but in a very un-me-like move, never quite gave up on it. It's the longest thing I've written since I dunno when. In aidanverse continuity, it falls after her amazing fic "In Lieu of a Decade (Your Kindness)."

Title is from "Strong As Death (Sweet As Love)" by Al green.

It's not just him, love in itself is destructive and merciless.
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Son: Sleepy Hollow
29 September 2010 @ 02:08 am
At long last - here is the master list of Aidanfic and related Aidanverse dalliances.

Fics - Chronological OrderCollapse )

Fics - By AuthorCollapse )