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18 October 2007 @ 04:37 am
Title: Strong As Death, Sweet As Love
Author: maypirate
Character/Pairing: Tom Stroud/Therese Stroud, Aidan MacManus/Tom Stroud
Rating: R (strongish)
Summary: Living is a day worth dying for.
Notes: Although it is for her, a huge part of this story belongs to jou, because she was the one who supplied Tom's bar dialogue a long time ago, and I'm very grateful to have had it. Tom belongs to her. I actually started writing this back in June, hated it, and put it away, but in a very un-me-like move, never quite gave up on it. It's the longest thing I've written since I dunno when. In aidanverse continuity, it falls after her amazing fic "In Lieu of a Decade (Your Kindness)."

Title is from "Strong As Death (Sweet As Love)" by Al green.

It's not just him, love in itself is destructive and merciless.
Ca viens?: tiredtired
Son: Sleepy Hollow
29 September 2010 @ 02:08 am
At long last - here is the master list of Aidanfic and related Aidanverse dalliances.

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