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18 October 2007 @ 04:37 am
Title: Strong As Death, Sweet As Love
Author: maypirate
Character/Pairing: Tom Stroud/Therese Stroud, Aidan MacManus/Tom Stroud
Rating: R (strongish)
Summary: Living is a day worth dying for.
Notes: Although it is for her, a huge part of this story belongs to jou, because she was the one who supplied Tom's bar dialogue a long time ago, and I'm very grateful to have had it. Tom belongs to her. I actually started writing this back in June, hated it, and put it away, but in a very un-me-like move, never quite gave up on it. It's the longest thing I've written since I dunno when. In aidanverse continuity, it falls after her amazing fic "In Lieu of a Decade (Your Kindness)."

Title is from "Strong As Death (Sweet As Love)" by Al green.

It's not just him, love in itself is destructive and merciless.
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Son: Sleepy Hollow
16 October 2007 @ 06:53 pm
Wee hoo, spent a long weekend with maypirate at the first ever AIDANCON... attendence: 2

Heh. I made some sketches, though. All worksafe!

HERE'S THE WHOOOOLE CREW. Okay, not quite the whole crew, but a large chunk of it. From left to right, we have Lix Tetrax, Mal (in crow form), Andrea Blake, Kalita Vassago, Aidan MacManus, Tom Stroud, and Ciaran (the kitty.)

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29 September 2010 @ 02:08 am
At long last - here is the master list of Aidanfic and related Aidanverse dalliances.

Fics - Chronological OrderCollapse )

Fics - By AuthorCollapse )
23 September 2007 @ 09:54 pm
For better or for worse...

...Until death do us part.Collapse )
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14 July 2007 @ 12:44 pm
NSFW, yo. Here there be naked. (And also my unabashed Tom love. Sorry.)

Art dump.Collapse )
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Title: Coeur Seulement (heart's only)
Fandom: Original/Aidanverse
Pairing: Tom/Aidan, mentions of the long-suffering Andrea Blake.
Rating: NC-17 for sex and cusses.
Summary: Aidan is a jealous brat who loves to talk. Tom is a stubborn bastard who loves to listen.

Notes/credits that I am trying really hard to keep brief:

-Beating a dead horse here, but while Tom is my baby, Aidan is the property of maypirate and timbean, and Andrea is half mine, and half maypirate's. I'm taking great liberties with characterization, timeline, etc.

-Tom and Aidan may have issues with her, but we love Andrea very very much. For Andrea's side of this particular subject, see maypirate's fic, In Excess.

-Special thanks go to feels_like_fire for a quick read-through, and a few grammar edits. *mwah*

-Many many apologies... I love feedback but I'm screening comments, at least initially. Please forgive me.

Coeur Seulement
03 June 2007 @ 12:11 am
First post, kyahaha. <3

I'm Jo, and I draw. It's basically my job or something.

Also, I invented Tom, so I'm basically his mom or something. I ship Tom/Aidan pretty hard.

I've been sneaking in little A-verse bits here and there, so I thought I'd play catch up and collect 'em all into one place for the benefit of the comm.

So, without further ado, let's have a mad art recap...Collapse )

That's all, folks! *runs away*
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