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20 May 2008 @ 09:56 am
10 Aidan Facts!  
Recently, I was gifted with a magical box from timbean, and among the treasures was a bunch of notecards titled "10 Aidan Facts! (For a May Pirate by a Tim Bean)." These are things I previously didn't know about Aidan and they are awesome and thrilling and amazing and creative just like his Timmother.

And now I will share them with you, because they are for sharing and awesomeness.

1. Aidan bites his upper lip more than his bottom. (This drives Tom insane. Bottom lips are for biting!)

2. The general population in the small ville that comprises Aidan's life has come to accept, and no longer question, his seeming inability to pull up HIS FUCKING PANTS!! (Mostly because hip? Too sexy, yo.)

3. Aidan hates socks that fit. In fact he sort of hates socks in general.

4. Aidan likes 80s Britpop. (He also likes Mandy Moore's no so 80s and not so Brit...pop.)

5. Aidan is clumsy.

...there just really isn't another way to put it.

...unless is that "he's not so much clumsy as he is bipedal chaos with a bent for handstands." (Tom is a bit proud of that one)

6. Aidan... is a man-ho. But such an adorable one that even the bee-hive old ladies (hair, bee-hive hair, not walking bee-spit houses) bake him cookies. With extra for his "guests."

7. Aidan is shit at fashion. But put that boy in decent three-piece suit and watch the heads turn. (Necks might snap. Fair warning.)

8. Aidan saves lives. Really. (In as much as anyone can save a life. After all... "you can't save lives..only prolong the time until someone dies!")

9. Aidan wore a dress once. He was thirteen and under the influence of a set of diabolical twins. (Connor and Murphy have pictures in their file. Nefarious intent and all...honest!)

10. Aidan is the brain baby of Tim and May (aka: TIMMAY!!!) and will always be beloved and special.
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