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02 January 2008 @ 02:49 pm
I love you new year  
Welcome, welcome 2008! And happy New Year, everyone. :)
Let's have a worksafe pic spam, shall we?

Aidan thinks that fluffy ducky yellow is a good color for 2008.

Tom, on the other hand, is favoring more muted tones.

And what's with Tom being suddenly so skinny and worn-looking? maypirate says he's looking downright "heroin chic". Aidan will have to correct this problem by plying him with a little southern cooking.

Oh, but the black and white is always a classic...

Of course, Andrea always finds Tom to be sexy... but they've been fighting and estranged of late, so chances are that's not Tom she's calling on her cell.

In fact, it's probably the lovely Kalita Vassago, Andrea's personal demon.

And let us not forget Mal... who is a right bastard most of the time, but can always find it in himself to comfort his lady Kalita when she needs him. In fact, compared to how he was before, she's softened him up quite a bit.

Aw, Mal. 2008 is the year of the rat, not the year of the crow. Better luck next time.

Ca viens?: Lovey
The Rev: snedthe_reverand on January 2nd, 2008 09:52 pm (UTC)
Ok. Tom with the kitty is my new favorite... anything. The way the kitty seems so pleased and snugglehappy... I can hear him purring! And the delicoiusly lovely background. And, seriously, the belt. *melts*